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Genres: Comedy , Drama , Romance
Actors: Cameron Douglas , Emmanuelle Chriqui , Chad Lindberg , Jake Hoffman , Brian Klugman , Branden Williams , Courtney Peldon , China Shavers , Lisa Wilhoit , Terri Garber , Allan Havey , George Dzundza , Brianna Brown , Lacey Beeman , Mike Elling
Director: Jeff Kanew
Country: United States
Year: 2005
IMDB Rating: 4.6/10 (2086 votes)

Easy-going, gentle college-boy Adam Baker enjoys frat-life, however disgusting the frat-house gets because of his sloppy house-mates Freddie, Ferguson and Munch. Then Adam meets Eve, starts falling in love, but gets jealous of frat-brother Billy, who ‘bumps’ almost constantly without seeking love, while Eve guards her campus-unique virginity. As even his thrice-divorced dad, an MD, urges Adam to get laid rather then loved, his patience runs out against healthy hormones.

Film Review

This is not the "wildly hilarious" comedy that was promised on the DVD cover. This is a relationship movie that has very few funny moments. I was expecting something along the lines of Van Wilder, but this movie is pretty serious.However, the acting isn't bad, and I found myself actually caring about what happened to the characters, though I think I would have enjoyed the story more if they had left out Adam's disgusting house mates. But the gross factor goes along with the National Lampoon tag, I guess.Overall, not bad if you have nothing better to watch. But if you're looking for something funny, you get more laughs out of RV. Seriously.

I think that if you ignore the fact that this is a National Lampoons film and is thought of as a romantic film with some comical moments then this is one of the greatest romance films I have ever seen. Even though it is Adam and Eve as character names this is probably the first time I have ever thought that the romance in a film has been realistic because you could actually believe that they were together not this stupid stereotypical rubbish you see in all the other movies out there. Yes they probably would be more deserving of the National Lampoons name but at least someone has got the romance theme right for once. but then if you see this as a National Lampoons film then this is terrible because it is simply not funny enough. I am going to give this film 7 out of 10 for the fact that is 1 of the greatest romance films I have ever seen but due to the tag National Lampoons it has it doesn't get the 10 out of 10 it deserves. Of course some of you may not agree with me but if you …

Adam & Eve is a guilty pleasure of mine. The movie is unusual in that it is a sweet and innocent love story mixed with gross out sex humor. Its definitely not your typical National Lampoon movie… its a little more classy and a lot more thoughtful. The guy humor is amazing. I've never seen a movie that comes close to realistically capturing the sex crazed, beer hungry college guy. Not every guy in college is as ridiculous as this, but trust me these guys existed. Cameron Douglas is ADORABLE. (I love the song he sings to Eve on their first date)And of course, Emanuelle Chiriqui is as lovable as ever. My only complaints are that the sorority girl stuff wasn't realistic and Eve's parents characters were annoying. (The acting was good. I just didn't like the way it was written). All in all, its a fun movie that gives you a little dose of love and laughter.


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